My name is ARTGIRL. I am an Irish artist and producer with an urge to express and share my musical ideas. Having a classically trained background, I’ve since moved into the realm of alternative pop. Born in the 90s, in the newly digitised era. I am part of the next generation of artists that grew up with easy access to every source of music. This is the reason I love to create in a style that is non-genre specific, incorporating many different elements. Inspired by countless artists and personas from almost every genre, I thrive on being able to experiment in order to capture that emotive essence that draws us all in. The very ingredient that makes music so powerful, allowing it to heal, uplift and unite us all.

Originality is key to every project I undertake. I know there is a need for fresh ideas and a want to hear new voices. ‘Get Down Let Down’, my debut single was released October 2019. On this and subsequent tracks I got the opportunity to work with the great Robbie Malone and Stuart Gray (known for their work with artists such as David Gray, Ryan Sheridan and Aslan). I am extremely grateful for all the love and support for this release! I have several exciting projects lined up to share with you all very soon. The ARTGIRL journey has only just begun. I hope you will join me! Add your email so I can keep you up to date on what’s coming up next.


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